Walking In Grace / PLACE



Sometimes, I reflect on a trip to college I took with my father years ago. The college was in a town I had never visited and a campus I had never been to. The closer we got to the campus and farther we got from home, the more my nervousness began to grow. At some point my father looked over to me, and he said, "You're scared, aren't you?" My father pulled off to the side of that busy highway, stopped the car, and put it in park. He looked at me and said, "Now listen to me. I want you never to forget this. You're my son and nothing will change that."

"I want you never to forget this. . .You're my child and always there's a place in my home for you."

 He assured me that whether I did well, or poorly, there was always a place in his home for me. That's what our heavenly Father is promising as well. Because of His grace, there's always a place in His heart for us.


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