Faith, Family, & Fishing

Faith.  Family.  Fishing.   These are three things that I love.

Each requires patience to see God’s hand, diligence in applying our effort, and God’s blessing beyond our ability. When the fruits of each are realized, it honestly compels us to say, “This blessing was a gracious provision of my Lord.”

Learning patience, diligence, and trusting God’s blessing beyond my ability is a large part of my own personal journey that I want to share with you. 

In my early ministry years, I largely measured my effectiveness by how much I could push God’s people to do His will. Patience, faith, and God’s blessings were not nearly as much in my thoughts as figuring out how to leverage my abilities to get human responses.

As a result, I grew overwhelmed by my congregation’s weaknesses and burned out in my ministry endeavors. 

Maybe you can relate. 

Being in ministry can be challenging at times, right?

That's why I have devoted myself to helping pastors minister out of the grace of God that ultimately rescued me. I want to help you serve Him and His people more effectively and with the joy in His grace that is our strength. 

I have been blessed to serve over 40 years in ministry, and a large part of my work has been to encourage pastors not to follow my early path. Not only do I try to relate better pastoral skills, but also teach how to express them in the context of God’s provision – that brings us joy through profound understanding of His grace through both trials and triumphs.

By the Lord’s blessing, I have been privileged to teach pastoral practices and principles that are rooted in the grace of the Savior in many contexts, institutions, and nations. My books on preaching, praying, family, and worship have been translated into many languages, and the Lord has allowed the lessons that I learned the hard way to bring restoration, confidence, and His transforming power into the preaching and ministries of thousands of students, pastors, and lay leaders. Why the Lord has granted these blessings, I cannot say. I only know that he had to break me before he could use me and, looking back, I praise him for the difficulties that took me to my knees for reliance on His grace.

Now the Lord has granted another precious opportunity to extend His grace through these internet resources. Because I cannot be physically be present to train and counsel in all of the churches, institutions, and nations that make such requests, friends have helped me compile resources, courses, seminars and sermons from the last 40 years on this website.

Please take a look around.

On this website you'll find many resources, including Online Courses, Revealing Grace podcast episodes, the growing Walking In Grace video series, and a searchable Library of my sermons. 

Here's what I'm doing now: 

I currently lead the Administrative Committee of the Presbyterian Church in America and serve as Pastor Emeritus of the historic Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois and President Emeritus of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.  I serve on the faculties of numerous seminaries and Bible colleges in different parts of the world, and have the privilege of conducting pastors’ conferences in several nations each year.

I am also the founder and host of “Unlimited Grace,” a daily half-hour Bible teaching program that has been heard on radio stations across the United States and in more than 80 countries around the world, and is now also available to listeners online. I count it a privilege to teach, speak globally, offer these materials online – and individually mentor those who desire a personal touch.

My prayer is the resources you find here will help you continue to serve with Christ at the center of your efforts, and that those to whom you minister will be transformed by the same grace that has given you His effectiveness, His heart, and His power. 

To reach me and my team, don't hesitate to  email us at: [email protected]


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