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Growing up, I was a little scared of my chain-smoking, hard talking Grandfather. One day, I was over at his house and I began to argue with my older brothers over an old wooden top I had found. When my grandfather heard us, he came in and said, "You come with me." He proceeded to take me down to the basement. Now I was really scared. I didn't know what was about to happen. But then, he presented me with his tackle box. It was one of the last gifts he would give to anyone. I didn't know it, but he was dying. Because he gave me that tackle box, I've treasured it ever since.

When my grandfather gave me his tackle box, though I did not merit or earn it in any way, it closed the distance between us. I understood more about him, loved him more, and began to love what he loved. I’ve wanted to fish ever since.

That's the way grace works. Once we love the One who has closed the distance between us and Himself, through no merit of our own, we want to love what He loves. For that reason we want to walk with Him and follow His pattern of life even more.

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