Ministry Update

Dear Friends,

I want to update you on the latest developments of Unlimited Grace Media (UGM) that you have so wonderfully supported. Through the special provision of the Salem Media Group, the Unlimited Grace preaching and teaching ministry of pastor and author Bryan Chapell is now broadcast daily across the United States, and can be accessed on dozens of internet platforms.

The daily schedule for the broadcasts in major cities is listed at the end of this letter. You can also access Dr. Chapell’s preaching and teaching ministry at or on streaming platforms such as OnePlace, GoogleHome, Roku, ChristianRadio – or you can ask your Alexa virtual assistant to find the broadcasts for you.

In addition to these broadcast and streaming programs, UGM has extended Dr. Chapell’s ministry of equipping and training church leaders by providing online the material he has taught church leaders for almost 40 years in seminaries and conferences around the world. Seminary-level courses based on his classic preaching textbook, Christ-centered Preaching, can now be accessed directly at by an economical online subscription that helps sustain this ministry to students in many nations.

Additional free audio and video resources are available at to aid pastors, ministry professionals and lay-leaders. Pastor Bryan’s growing YouTube channel and Revealing Grace podcast have expanded the ministry’s reach so that we now support and train students on six continents in 66 nations and 1500 cities. Revealing Grace also ranks in the top 10 percent of podcasts worldwide (ranked by Listen Score). 

When Dr. Chapell arrived to pastor the historic Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois, the church had a long history of regional broadcasting. With its dedicated and diversified vision for world missions, the church asked its new pastor to revitalize the church’s broadcast ministry, and Unlimited Grace programming began to flourish. We rejoiced when the Salem Media Group saw the program’s potential and graciously offered even greater opportunities through its expansive national footprint.

As Dr. Chapell moved to emeritus pastor status with the church in order to become the administrative coordinator of the Presbyterian Church in America, Salem took the unprecedented step of further expanding the national ministry of Unlimited Grace across all the company’s media outlets. Chris Gould, Salems Senior Vice President for Program Development, said, We believe that the church and the nation need Bryan Chapells messages of grace and hope in this time of polarization and stress.”

Grace Presbyterian Church continues to make Dr. Chapells preaching ministry available in 80 nations through TransWorld radio, and UGM has recently made special arrangements for the translation and broadcast of 500 of his messages across China.

I hope that you are encouraged by how the Lord has blessed your prayers and support of Unlimited Grace.  Pastor Bryan has dedicated this ministry to reaching souls and strengthening hearts with the message of Christs transforming grace. The reason is plain from Scripture: When the human heart claims the truth that God loves us based on his mercy rather than our merit, then all of life and eternity changes. Guilt, greed, bitterness, and despair drain from our hearts, and the joy of the Lord becomes our strength (Neh. 8:10).

Thank you for helping us proclaim this mercy of God from the unlimited resources of his grace.

In Christ,

Chris Zobac,
Executive Director, Unlimited Grace Media

We are very appreciative of support provided for this ministry through, or through gifts sent to Unlimited Grace Media at the address below:

6600 Sugarloaf Pkwy.
Ste. 400 #388
Duluth, GA 30097


If the Unlimited Grace radio program is not available in your city, the easiest way to access these grace-filled messages of hope and inspiration is by clicking on one of these links:

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Dr. Chapell’s Revealing Grace podcasts that discuss church leadership concerns and helps are available under “Resources”, or at the following links:

Apple Podcasts - Revealing Grace 

Spotify Podcasts - Revealing Grace 


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