Daily Devotion - September 18, 2023

daily devotion Sep 18, 2023

Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. (Rom. 4:7) 


We have friends who adopted a child from another nation. When they went to the orphanage, they found the child wrapped in red, which in that culture was a sign of favor and love. 

The red cloth signified that although she had been given up by an unknown biological mother, the child was loved. Yet, as these new parents moved the cloth covering the child’s face, they discovered a facial feature that was unacceptable in that culture. That red cloth represented love, but it had also been used to hide a flaw that would cause rejection. 

You and I are children with an even more compassionate covering. God covered our sinful flaws with the blood of Jesus in order to adopt us as his own. Our guilt and shame are forever hidden by Jesus’ love poured out on the cross for all who put their faith in his grace. 

We do not have to project a flawless face to God to know his love; rather, we can trust him to cover all our flaws with his perfect grace to make us his children forever.


Prayer: Father, thank you for covering my sin with Christ’s blood so that I might know the love and favor that secures me in your family forever. May this grace keep me loving you.