Daily Devotion - September 12, 2023

daily devotion Sep 12, 2023

You will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. (Jer. 29:12-13)


In 2014, French atheist turned evangelical theologian, Guillaume Bignon, shared how the light of God’s grace penetrated the dark places of his soul.  

Bignon’s journey began after a whirlwind romance with a girl. Because the girl was a Christian and did not want a deep relationship with someone who did not share her love for Jesus, Bignon began to explore her faith.  

He read the Bible to learn about her beliefs. He discovered that the accounts about Jesus were impressive, but Bignon remained unsure. Then, he thought, I’m a scientist; there’s an experiment I can carry out to test the truth of Jesus. I’ll pray and ask God, “If you’re real, reveal yourself to me.” And God did in a special way! 

Here’s how: Consideration of Jesus’ character revealed to Bignon that his real motive for reading the Bible was to have an affair with the girl. He was willing to sacrifice her faith to satisfy his lust – and that was an evil in Bignon that he had never before faced. Such sin in him revealed not only the truth of why Jesus came but also Bignon’s need of him!

If God has revealed your sin to you, believe that his purpose is to show you the truth of your need and your Savior. Call out to the Lord today and ask him to cover you with the grace that has revealed your sin and your Savior!


Prayer: Lord, I ask you to reveal yourself to me more and more each day. I am willing to ask, knowing that the more you show yourself, the more sin I will see in me. But the more I see my sin, the more I will cherish Christ’s cross. Where sin increases, grace will increase all the more. Praise God!