Daily Devotion - January 13, 2023

daily devotion Jan 13, 2023

Before they call, I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear. (Isaiah 65:24)


For many years, George Mueller never asked anyone for money to help fund his orphanage. He simply relied on prayer for the children’s needs, and God had always provided. But on March 9, 1842, things took a turn, and the resources the orphanage needed ran out.

Just when all had seemed lost, a special delivery letter arrived. Inside that envelope was a sizeable gift that had been mailed several days earlier. Though originally misdirected, the timely arrival of the letter meant that the Lord had begun answering Mueller’s prayers days before he asked.

God had interwoven the thoughts, events, and timing of all the details, so that the donation would arrive at the crucial moment it was needed. 

The point of this is not that we should never ask for support from others – the Apostle Paul asked and taught us how (2 Cor. 8). Rather, when we ask God for help, we do so with the confidence that the One who knows the end from the beginning will do precisely what is best. He is not guessing at outcomes. God is weaving everything together for good, even before we know what to ask. So ask!


Prayer: Father, thank you for always providing what is best for my greatest needs. Thank you for arranging all things so that your blessings are being prepared even before I ask or know to. Help me to trust your wisdom enough to ask for your supply no matter when the wells of my wisdom run dry.