By Grace to Glory: Through the Bible in a Year

Sermon Series

The gospel message that God calls us to believe and declare unfolds with amazing power when we see the miraculous intricacy and unswerving purpose of His grace woven throughout the Bible. Some see our scriptures as merely a disjointed collection of antique rules and moralistic tales for out-of-date people.

Yet, when we discover that the Bible is an unfolding revelation of God’s salvation plan for sinful people that remains consistent across centuries, continents, and cultures, then we begin to understand the unique miracle of Scripture.

There is no other text among the religions of the world that presents so consistent a message across 66 books that were written by dozens of persons over 1500 years. Human hands alone could not have written this Word. The evidence of God’s hand throughout the Bible causes us to treasure its contents, trust its message, and declare loyalty to its Author. As we trace his grace across the Bible, the year will race by, and our hearts will thrill as we see the many signposts to our Savior, gather more praises for the God who sent Him, and learn more ways to share his love by the power of his Spirit. 


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