What is the Greatest Motivator of the Human Heart?


There are times in many pastor's lives when they wonder how they can best help those in their congregation to change, how can they help them so the Gospel is real to them and their lives are changed.

Maybe you've felt the same. Should you encourage those you serve to memorize verses, spend more time in prayer and Bible reading, attend a special event, or come to church more often? 

In this 48-second clip from my online, on-demand course, Redemptive Theology and Application, I share the greatest motivator of the human heart that leads to change, and I also share how you can connect those you serve to this awesome motivator. 

I hope it's an encouragement and help to you. 

In Christ, 


You can learn more about Redemptive Theology and Application here. It's on sale now at a reduced price only until October 17, 2019. 


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