How to Avoid a Preaching Rut


I’m not sure it would work the same for everyone, but I often get into a rut because I’m in a pattern in the way that I present information. That can be because many of us are trained to preach in academic settings and so we have an understanding of an academic presentation of material. I need to give you author, date, time, major theological issues, and make sure I define what expiation is.

All that is important; all that is critical. We should not just explain the information in the text but also the burden of the text—that is, why was this written? What was the situation that was going on at that time? In particular, what was the struggle of God’s people in that moment? The Holy Spirit did not just say, Here’s some random information you ought to know, there was something going on that required the writing of that text. We should ask, What is the context of the text?



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