Walking In Grace - "Gift"



The snowfall that accompanies the Christmas season brings with it warm sentiment. During this nostalgic time of year, I am also reminded of a difficult Christmas season from early in my ministry.

We were snug in our bed on a winter's night when we awoke to a knock on the door by two police officers. They greeted me with the news that a young woman in my congregation had been killed by a drunk driver that evening. They needed to inform her parents and asked, "Would you come with us?" That was the beginning of one of the most difficult nights of my ministry. 

The parents were devastated by the news, but that did not keep them from teaching me about grace through their demonstration of the gospel. In the weeks following the accident, the parents were out shopping when they encountered the drunk driver who was awaiting trial. The message of grace that they shared with him is one that we reflect on every year.


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